The Surface, Issue #2 is now available! Check out this month’s summaries of recent publications with high clinical relevance to Canadian dermatologists.

The Surface Issue #2, April edition, was sent to all PSOLVE+ members by email on Monday, March 29, and can be accessed online here. This edition covers:

  • Vaccine literacy amongst patients with psoriasis
  • Pregnancy outcomes from the PSOLAR registry
  • Bimekizumab phase 3 results in moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis
  • Targeting the IL-23/IL-17 pathway in plaque psoriasis
  • Compassionately addressing teratogenic risk factors in the transgender population
  • Real-world safety profile of acitretin in psoriasis patients

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Introducing “The Surface”, a monthly feature of the PSOLVE+ community where recent articles are selected and summarized for clinical relevance to Canadian dermatologists

We’re pleased to introduce a new feature for the PSOLVE+ community – The Surface!

The Surface is a monthly selection of new publications clinically relevant to the PSOLVE+ community of Canadian dermatologists.

The Surface will be sent to all PSOLVE+ members by email each month, with highlights in the weekly PSOLVE+ email digests. You can view all issues of The Surface online here.

Drs. Gordon Searles, Howard Yanofsky and Jensen Yeung discuss the role of the dermatologist in managing disease progression and optimizing biologic therapy. [Video English & French 40 min]

>> English: [40 min]

>> Français: [41 min]

This program showcases leading dermatology experts from across Canada as they discuss the management of psoriatic disease. Providing valuable insights into the diagnosis and treatment of psoriatic disease, Dr. Gordon E. Searles (Edmonton), Dr. Howard Yanofsky (Montreal) and Dr. Jensen Yeung (Toronto) discuss the role of the dermatologist in managing disease progression and optimizing biologic therapy. This program addresses 3 important topics:

  • Part 1: From Psoriasis to Psoriatic Arthritis – Exploring the Role of the Dermatologist
  • Part 2: Understanding the EXCEED Trial for Dermatologists
  • Part 3: Treatment Strategies by Patient Profile

Ce programme présente les principaux experts canadiens en dermatologie alors qu’ils discutent de la gestion de la maladie psoriasique. Fournissant des informations précieuses sur le diagnostic et le traitement de la maladie psoriasique, le Dr Gordon E. Searles (Edmonton), le Dr Howard Yanofsky (Montréal) et le Dr Jensen Yeung (Toronto) discutent du rôle du dermatologue dans la gestion de la progression de la maladie et l’optimisation des produits biologiques. Ce programme aborde 3 sujets importants:

  • Partie 1: Du psoriasis au rhumatisme psoriasique – Explorer le rôle du dermatologue
  • Partie 2 : Comprendre l’essai EXCEED pour les dermatologues
  • Partie 3 : Stratégies thérapeutiques par profil de patient