The Surface, Issue #4 is now available, this month highlighting 6 new articles clinically relevant for Canadian dermatologists. The Surface was emailed to all PSOLVE+ members on Tues, Jun 1 and can be read online here.

The Surface Issue #4, June edition, was sent to all PSOLVE+ members by email on Tuesday, June 1, and can be accessed online here. This edition covers:

  • Safety and efficacy of secukinumab in a single, 300mg/2mL pre-filled syringe
  • Risk of malignancy with up to five years of secukinumab treatment
  • Reviewing the evidence for over-the-counter supplements in dermatology
  • Telogen effluvium patient demographics during the pandemic
  • North American Contact Dermatitis Group patch testing with sodium disulfite
  • Hereditary angioedema in the emergency department

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